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The Difference Between a Planner and a Director

By: Summersett, Marc - April 7th 2015














I’ve had the privilege of working with several great wedding planners. They are so vital to a successful wedding. Another vendor that is very important is the Director. The what?

The Director compliments a planners duties in that if you think in terms of a movie, you have the producer. Which is the planner or the couple (if no planner is hired). Then you have the Director. They take the script (or dreams/goals) and bring them to life.

As seen in the above picture, the Grand Entrance is directed by the same person (usually) as the DJ/MC. I’ve had some great, fun and unique entrances that showcase the bridal party and couple’s style and personality. 

A great Director will dive into the “why” of everything. He/She will also interview the couple, parents and bridal party giving toasts to help and to understand the “Why”. Then they will convey that message in a way that the guests will understand. Therefore the guests will feel a part of the special day rather than just attending a party. This always results in a close relationship with the couple as show above.

Whereas, Planners and Directors can do similar things, they are different. I don't help a bride choose her dress or colors. A Planner shouldn't choose the entertainment style or music. A successful wedding has both that work great as a team. Yes there is a difference between Planners and directors. But the goal is the same. To give you a fantastic wedding you've always dreamed about. So if a Planner tells you, you do not need a Director (just a DJ) for your wedding as they direct, you can tell them all about CE Entertainment Directional DJ/MC services. 

Marc Summersett is the owner of CE Entertainment and is an accomplished speaker/toastmaster. He is a leader in the wedding industry as director of Tucson Wedding Network and Connection. He's earned numorous awards for his service and is always willing to help. contact him at or call 520-572-6262

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