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The Price Question

By: Summersett, Marc - July 12th 2013

I thought it is fitting for my first blog on my new site, to answer the age old question…”How much”. Whereas this scares most businesses, I welcome it. Most will say it is the only question the client knows what to ask. That may be, but it is a very important question, nonetheless.

Money is important. That is why a budget is a must. It’s no surprise that I am a big advocate of budgets. I recently taught a seminar at a local bridal show on the very subject. In that seminar I asked Brides and Grooms, “What was important to you?”  I also asked, “What kind of party do you want to have?” Then I proceeded to ask them to look at the vendors that will give them the outcome and  then budget accordingly.

In 2003, St. Louis Brides and Grooms magazine published an article titled “After the vows”. In that article, they surveyed couples with some startling results. 80% of the success of the wedding relied on the DJ. Also over 70% said they would have spent more time searching for the right DJ.

Now, not every wedding is reliant on the DJ. Some may just want a high décor wedding and that is fine. It’s what you want. However, for the majority out there that answered my first question with, “I want a fun, great time!”, then read on.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration. Ask yourself this question, “Why should I trust my wedding to the lowest bidder?” You shouldn’t. Instead look at value.

Value is something I take seriously when I shop for anything. I can buy the cheapest mattress and box spring and risk it. However, I choose to look at what will give me the best experience while sleeping. After all, they say we spend half our lives sleeping. Also, I would like to mention that I’m still using the bed I bought over 6 years ago and still love it! Had I bought a cheaper set, maybe I would have to replace it twice or even three times. Possibly creating back problems. Did I really save money?

Touching on that statement, “Did I really save money?”  Did I? If the DJ doesn’t give your wedding top priority or they are improperly trained and you save a few dollars, did you really save money? Not if your guests left early.

Imagine you are out on the dance floor, dancing to the most magical song of the night and all your guests see in the background is a corded mess. Who wants to bet the guests didn't stay long for this wedding?

A trained professional cares. A train professional will make sure their set up matches the decor and style of your event.

Now, I'm not saying great looks are the factor in choosing your DJ. I do believe it is a start. Check out their website ( Is it professionally done? Do they respond quickly, professionally when contacted? ( 520-572-6262).

The next question can be "How much do you cost". What! Yes, you can ask it. But, don't expect a price as they know nothing about what you want. Instead, listen to the response. It will tell you a little about the value and who they are. Anyone that will give you a price right away without knowing what you want, is going to give you a cookie cutter show. If that isn't what you want, stay away.

The only way you will guage if they are a right fit for your event is to meet. That can be in person or through phone/video conferencing. There, my friend, is where you will find out what value they will bring for the price.

How much do I cost? Well...I'm priceless and so is your event.

Marc Summersett is owner of CE Entertainment DJ,MC & Directors service. He is an accomplished toastmaster, award winning DJ, featured magazine DJ, Leader on many organizations. He can be reached at 520-572-6262 or


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