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Choosing the Right Entertainment

By: Summersett, Marc - August 18th 2013

Choosing the right Entertainment


Maybe you have typed in your area DJs in Google and found…WOW! With so many to choose from, where does one start? Let’s lead you in the right direction and search for that right entertainment.

Yes, I am an entertainer and no I’m not here to say “choose me!” This blog is about helping you.

Every now and then, I type my colleagues into my internet search and see what they are up too. What are they saying on their websites, social media, blogs? What aren’t they saying? What I’ve found is that most are saying the same thing, “Choose me! Look at me! See what I can do!”

You know what DJ’s do. Every DJ claims to be an Emcee (or MC). Many say they Plan and Coordinate your wedding. Let’s just hope they are trained professional Emcees. As far as Planning and Coordinating, I never claim to be a coordinator nor should they unless they are certified.  Ignore all the hoopla and flashy video. I have to get you to a comfortable starting point that will lead you to the right entertainer.

I first recommend typing in your area, then wedding in Google. What pop up are perhaps local bridal groups and national ones. These are a great starting point. Why? Because the local bridal groups will have active members that participate in training and the national groups will most likely have ratings.

Once you find a few that are on both, with high regards, it’s time to visit their website. Take a good look. What is it saying? If it is mostly about them, you can bet that is what your celebration will be about. Does it look generic? If it does, maybe you event will be too.

Take some time to read the content of the web site. Understand what it is they can do. Once you have found one that peaks your interest, set a meeting. (Note: A great website will give you multiple options on how to contact them with the method that you feel comfortable with) You can’t expect a price quote from a service based business without knowing what is involved. Therefore, please don’t expect a quick price quote.

Finally, remember you are the boss. You are hiring them. You can set the terms and tell them what you want. Now relax, do these steps and you will have the celebration you have always wanted.

Marc Summersett is the owner/operator of CE Entertainment in Tucson, AZ. He is Director of Tucson Wedding Network, President of Northwest Casas Adobes Toastmasters and is serving on the board of the Southern AZ American DJ Association. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact or 520-572-6262

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