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Finding The Right Team of Vendors

By: Summersett, Marc - October 15th 2013

Finding Your Team of Wedding Vendors


I’ve had several weeks to think about this. I’ve even written a blog about this, but decided to let it sit and marinate a while. I’m glad I did. You see that gave me insight on how important a good team of vendors really is.

If you are a bride, you may spend gobs of time looking at dresses or the looks of the wedding. Of course, all that is important. However, if you choose the wrong team of vendors, that may not matter. All anyone will think about, is that day and what a disaster it was. No one wants that. I definitely do not.

Over the past several weeks, I have worked with great vendors. I have also worked with poor vendors. Luckily, nothing turned out to be a disaster. The great vendors and I picked up the pieces before anyone could notice.

Choosing vendors that have worked together or team players will make all the difference. One vendor in particular had the ability to change the outcome…Coordinators. Choosing a coordinator is so vital to having a relaxing, fun, stress free time. I’ve worked with multiple coordinators these past weeks and found that a great Coordinator makes a world of difference. Two in particular stood out, Rackel Gehlsen of First Comes Love Event Planning and Jeri Fitzgerald of Celebrations by Design. Rackel had a passion that you could pick up from the start. She loved her job, made sure mine was easier. She even caught a few things I’d missed (without chastising me). Jeri is the same way. Going that extra mile to make sure the couple does not worry about anything. At the same time, she would make sure the vendors had everything they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. This was a team effort by both.

The other vendors, worth noting, are the photographers. Ted Hewitt, Patrick Grimes, Neal Kreuser, Leigh & Ryan Preuss, are recent ones. As a Director of Entertainment the photographer’s time with the couple is so vital to the flow of the event. All these great photographers, that I’ve worked with, understand that and vice versa. I will add in there the Videographer Derek Carlson of D James Videography plays in that same role. He too works hard with his team.

The Venue Manager, Banquet Captain and staff play a huge part as well. If they are not on top of every little thing, the wedding can easily fly south. My first time at Esplendor in Rio Rico, AZ proved my point. The staff there was one of the best. Hacienda Del Sol’s, Rachel Allen and her staff too made the difference in a recent wedding. Westward Looks, Alyssa Sheppard and staff have proven themselves over and over and over again. How can I forget Kelly Abbotti and company at Stardance Event Center. They get it…customer service at its best.

Other vendors such as Bakeries, Florists, and Transportation are important as well. For time reasons, I’m going to leave them out for now. The four areas that are so important to a great wedding are the DJ/MC/Director, Coordinator, Photographer/Videographer and Venue. These are the first vendors you should seek out as you’re “A” list team.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great Coordinators, Photographers, Videographers, and Venues. However, the ones mention was of recent value and worth mentioning. I did not mention the vendors (coordinators only) that were of no value as positive thought is always encourage for me and my clients. (Hence, why the last blog I wrote didn’t make the cut.)

Lastly, ask your vendors who they have enjoyed working with. Ask them why. That answer will tell you if they are a team player. That will guarantee you a great wedding celebration. For more information on these vendors mentioned and more please feel free to contact me at or 520-572-6262.

Marc Summersett is the owner/operator of CE Entertainment. He has 13 years of experience as a DJ, Professional MC and Director. He is Director of Tucson Wedding Network, President of the local chapter of Toastmasters as well as on the board of the Southern AZ American DJ Association.

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