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2014 Wedding Trends & Stats

By: Summersett, Marc - January 16th 2014

2014 Wedding Trends & Stats

Fads come and go. Trends last as long as the next big thing that comes out. What are we going to see for 2014? With help from The Wedding Report and trends I’ve seen its time to take a look into the future.

Marriages are on the increase for the 4th year in a row. However, not such a big increase that there will be a shortage of vendors. Which is good for the client. Bad for the vendor. This means shopping will be good for you, the couple.

The average wedding I’ve seen in 2013 and according to The Wedding Report have been between 100 and 150. The larger weddings are still holding as rare. Couples are staying frugal like pre 2009 on guest count. Thus, they are not spending more.

The average cost of a wedding increased by only $60 to $25,720. Keeping it below the rate of inflation, which is currently 1.2%.

Planning a wedding is ever changing. Pinterest is the tool of choice when looking for ideas. Bridal fairs seen an 8% increase for couples to shop ideas and vendors. Social media, in general, took a 65% increase. So create a Pinterest page, ask for ideas on Facebook, Google+. Finally you can tweet or send an instagram about what you found! Or you can use a wedding planner which I’ve seen an increase of. Planners can save you time and money.

I’ve noticed the Amber color, over the past year, has become nonexistent. Colors like Purple and Blue have been very popular.  In general bold, vibrant colors will be in.

Photobooths, Flipbooks and other fun favors are making a rise in popularity. While Candy tables started out strong for 2013, they’ve have taken a dive as budgets get exhausted.

Still trending from 2013 to 2014 is uplighting. Couples are shining in their colors as prices for this service seem to get more affordable. Whereas, uplighting is popular, the old leko monograms are declining. However a new projection monogram is the latest buz (contact CE Entertainment on this idea).

Videos and slideshows declined in early 2013. By late 2013 and now 2014 couples are getting more creative with the use of this at their wedding. Video dancing, pictures during special moments are a trending idea.

Larger centerpieces are also trending for 2014. More thought and Florist creativity are helping couples to beautify tables.

Cupcakes are also gaining popularity. Bakeries are making a small cake to cut, along with cup cakes for guests. Bakeries are getting very creative in the decoration of each little delectable delight.

Trending for eating style is buffet stations. Although not widely popular, I have noticed an increase and a buzz from guests. Look for this more in 2014.

Multi-dress bride is also an idea that I see trending for 2014. The white wedding dress is a tradition as old as time. However, brides are only wearing this for the formalities and then choosing to slip into a more sleek dress for the fun.

The Backyard wedding is a trend that is increasing through the years. Not so much to save money, but as a unique idea of a place to create memories. This is perhaps why the increase in Wedding Planners is happening.

From a DJ/MC and Director standpoint, couples are specifically asking for great MC’s and someone (director) to help the flow of the event. Perhaps this is because of the past couples trying to cut costs on entertainment with dire consequences. Couples today want a romantic, fun with a touch of elegance wedding and are willing to pay a great Entertainment company to do it.

All in all, it’s your wedding and you decide what is right for you and your budget. Always trending should be the couple that takes time to hire professionals that will help give them memories to last a lifetime. Hope you enjoyed and have a great wedding.

Marc Summersett is Director of Tucson Wedding Network, Owner/Operator of CE Entertainment and has served as Membership Chair of Idointucson as well as President of the Southern AZ American DJ Association. He’s also an accomplished Toastmaster, serving his club as president. You can contact him at 520-572-6262 or

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