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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

By: Summersett, Marc - February 28th 2014

For years we have heard horror stories of how vendors treat customers. Bait and switch, No return phone calls and the dreaded no show to name a few. Why isn't the same thing being reported about customers?

It seems more and more we live in a double standard society. I can do that but you can't, type mentality. Most vendors I know practice great customer service. Yes there are times where it slips. However, there are more times I hear of how a client simply didn't show to a meeting. Another, simply just strings a vendor along only to book another days before the event.

As a vendor, I try to return phone calls even if I know I'm already booked for that date. It's common courtesy. If someone takes the time to leave me a message, I'm going to take the time to contact them.  Let them know your principles. I will let them know if more than one client is requesting a date AND that it's first come first serve.  Even more, after I book the one, I will take the time to find them a suitable vendor. It's just how I am.

What i've found, being apart of many organizations, it that the customer is the one not returning emails, phone calls or simply stringing along a vendor to the point of them losing business and revenue to simply make a living. What prompt me to writing this? I've had one no show to a meeting and another sting me along and book another just this past week and I look back and seen I'm not the only one with this problem. Yes there are preventative measures to lesson this, but it still happens. Vendors are people too. 

Common practices we all can do, respect everyone's time. If someone takes the time to give you answers, they deserve an answer. If you set a meeting be there or give plenty of time that you cannot make it. Be honest, If you are looking at other vendors, let them know. If you change your mind, let them know as soon as possible. It doesn't hurt to apologize  if you make a mistake. 

These common principles should be practiced throughout any life situation. It will show your character and everyone will benefit from that. Start your life with your partner off on a positive, kind and loving note. 

Marc Summersett is the owner of CE Entertainment, Director of Tucson Wedding Network as well as many other organizations. Contact Marc at 520-572-6262 or for more information.

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