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Getting Advice from TV

By: Summersett, Marc - April 16th 2014

Getting wedding advice from ABC

In a recent segment on Good Morning America, “Bride on a Budget”, Ginger Zee proves that ABC is more interested in ratings than helping the bride to be.

You may recall 20/20 ran a special “Wedding Confidential” on January 18th, 2013 that stirred up a storm in the wedding industry. Vendors like Keith Christopher ( blogged about how 20/20 misrepresented vendors and gave bad advice.

Today in the segment with Ginger Zee, she reinforces the same advice that wedding vendors charge more just for the word “Wedding” and that you can save thousands by doing it yourself. Let’s just take a step back and provide the facts.

In a survey, St. Louis  Bride and Grooms Magazine 2003, in which sources include Simmons 2001; USA Today 2002; National Bridal Service 2001;The knot 2002; Brides Magazine 2001, concluded advice totally opposite. I realize that was some time ago. However, the advice still rings true today through surveys of my clients stating similar findings.

The stats say 100% said they would have spent more of their budget on Entertainment. 72% said they would have spent more time choosing that right vendor.

Whereas I understand what Ginger was trying to do (save people money) and the fact was it was for the budget bride,  she did little research and used the same tactics as 20/20. Most of the advice was not to benefit the bride but rather to cut costs and not actually save money. If fact, money will be wasted as guests will leave early and the day cannot be replaced.

Yes you can use an iPod instead of a DJ. No you can’t use an iPod instead of an Emcee or Director. Yes you can hire a student photographer. No you can’t call “redo” after the pictures come back not the way you wanted. Yes there are vendors that charge more just for the word “wedding”.  Not all vendors are like that. Some actually charge more because its more work and they are professionals that make a living providing great services.

If in fact you are a budget bride or groom (my wedding budget was $5000 total for 600 guests so I speak from experience), you should figure what you can afford and the type of wedding you want. Budget the most for the vendor that will affect that outcome. Do you want your guests to have a blast and dance? Obviously, an iPod and dry wedding will not work. Don’t assume vendors charge more for the word “wedding”. Ask what you get for the price quoted. If fact, if you haven’t given any information other than you are getting married and they give you a quote,then that is exactly what they are doing. Charging you more for a wedding. If the vendor asks questions or wants to meet, that’s a good thing. You should want to meet. Discuss details, expectations and what you will get for the price.

I will leave you with this advice. Don’t get advice from TV or places that are only interested in ratings. Get advice from experts with credentials that can back up their facts. Here in Tucson we have a great organization called Tucson Wedding Network. Other great organizations like the American DJ Association, National Association of Catering Executives, Wedding Event Videographers Association and more help. Most have questions to help you to actually save time and money by not hiring bad vendors.  ABC has no interest in helping you. Their interest is in ratings. So do them a favor and contact them and tell them to stop giving bad advice.

Marc Summersett is owner of CE Entertainment DJ, MC and Directors services in Tucson, AZ 520-572-6262 or He is also Director of Tucson Wedding Network. Awarded Honor Roll for the Wedding Industry Experts 2014

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