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CE Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you apart of any organizations? Yes! Being a part of one of the largest DJ organizations (American DJ Association) has been the key in my success for being referred by so many vendors. I’ve also been involved as Director, President and founder of the local chapter. As well as Tucson Wedding Network, and many others!
  2. Are you insured? Can you supply me with proof of liability? Yes! Being insured not only protects me from anything happening, but ensures you (the client), that I will be around for your special day. Some places are now requiring it in order for your DJ to play at that venue.
  3. Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time? Of course! No one knows you and your guests better than you. I will set up, as one of my many online tools, my music database for you to choose and make notes on all the important selections for your great celebration.
  4. Do you use Professional Equipment? Yes. I’ve seen many DJ’s in the past use home stereo equipment or iPod’s only to drive such an important event. These home systems are not made for the rugged use of an event and can often end up with disastrous results. All my equipment is specifically made for the use of DJing an event.
  5. Do you provide backup equipment at my event? Yes! Yes! Yes! This is perhaps the most important question. Just imagine your DJ’s Amp blowing. He has no back-up. PARTY IS OVER! From the very beginning I made sure even the special songs you choose are backed up and ready to play in a different source just in case. I've also taught a seminar on "Plan Z", which teaches clients, event professionals to think "what if" and plan accordingly.
  6. Does the Entertainer know the proper etiquette for your type of party? That is the very purpose of a face to face meeting. To understand what YOU want for your celebration. If the DJ does not ask you how you picture your wedding, then they may provide a service that doesn’t fit your style or personality.
  7. How much time do you allow for set-up? I arrive at the latest 2 hours prior to your guests arriving. Many vendors love the fact that I am punctual and eager to even help them when I am set-up and ready. By arriving early I am able to avoid any traffic, car or equipment problems, should they arise. On top of that, I am able to point out any potential problems with the reception and address them before they happen.
  8. Do you provide a written contract? Yes. I am very proud to show my clients my contract. It not only protects me, but has an equally if not more protection value for you, the client.
  9. Will you work with my vendors? Absolutely! There is a reason I am referred more than any other DJ,MC & Director. It is essential all vendors are on the same page.
  10. Who will be the DJ that shows up to my event? We specifically state in the contract who your choice is for your entertainer. We even have a backup, see the next question.
  11. What happens if you become unavailable? Also a great question. As with any DJ company you find. Something could happen to the DJ of choice. Because I am a member of the ADJA, we have a program called DJ in need. This allows our other members to step in and perform at an event in the circumstance the hired DJ can not. A program I hope my family would never have to use in my absence.
  12. What makes you different? This question will help you determine the value of the price given. Please read below to fully understand.

What makes you different? 

This is the question of the century. Do you want your wedding to be different? How about the best ever? If you do, then please read on. A DJ service is defined as a Disc Jockey. One who plays music and makes minimal announcements. DJ’s are needed to get people dancing. You say, “Great, I need that!” Yes you do. However, you also need so much more. You see a typical DJ is not a trained professional MC or Director. Let me explain.

A MC (or Master of Ceremony) is a professional announcer, host, comedian and friend. A great MC will know when it is time to announce something as well as what to say about it in a way just a typical DJ cannot.

Now a Director is one that brings dreams, goals, and ideas to life. This is the most important aspect for a great celebration. Just think about it, all the great movies you’ve watched had a great director. 

To dive a little deeper, a director will be there to coach you, your bridal party and guests through every aspect of your wedding making it the best it can be. You cannot compare the services a DJ provides to what CE Entertainment does. CE is on a whole new level.

What makes CE Entertainment’s Director of Entertainment DJ/MC services different? …Everything. 

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